March 2021

  • Idea & Concept
  • Idea was born and concept outlined
  • Began Marketing research
  • Domain $ hosting purchased
  • Started designing front end


April 2021

  • Testing and team established
  • Completed all testing and first version of site goes live
  • Began working on website’s back
  • Finalized token breakdown


May 2021

  • Marketing starts
  • Building community
  • Increased personal in I. T and crypto development team
  • Continue market research


June-July 2021

  • Smart contact launched in tron network
  • TRC-20 aznt token deployed into main-net
  • Aim to achieve 200,000 holders by 2022


August 2021

  • Achieved more than 20, 000 subscribers
  • Planning for AZNT community foundation
  • Pre ICO stage 1 preparations


September 2021

  • Continue building community
  • Achieved milestone of above 40, 000 subscribers
  • Pre- ICO stage 2 conversion of platform token


October 2021

  • Successfully lunched pre ICO sales
  • Sold out in 3 days
  • Incorporated
  • Registered AZNT Astrazion Noble Tasks Community foundation, inc Philippines
  • While begin strategic business planning, project and program
  • Begin exploration of eco- system project


November 2021

  • Building social reputation worldwide
  • Start building social responsibility in community foundation in Philippines and abroad


December 2021

  • Registered AZNT GLOBAL HOLDINGS incorporated, USA
  • List in crypto market platforms
  • P2P platform launched
  • P2P public new registration and login established


January 2022

  • Begin to established the AZ Program and AZ Project as part of the AZNT Eco-systems
  • Registered AZNT GLOBAL HOLDINGS Incorporated,Philippines
  • New corporate website development..
  • Begin testing of back end functionality
  • Front-end redesign
  • Social media account set up
  • Begin matching design for back end
  • Begin corporate working email designs


February-March 2022

  • Registered AZMart incorporation Philippines
  • Opening AZ24 convient store as part of the AZNT ECO-system project
  • AZPAY payment portal will be launched into virtual assets service providers as far as the BSP regulations is concerned.
  • AZPAY is under AZprogrqm as part of the AZNT ECO-system project
  • AZNT TOKEN smart contact to be deployed in trust wallet, metamask, crypto wallets, my tron wallet, torus
  • Crypto wallet platform and more


April 2022

  • AZNT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION will launched our grand launching worldwide
  • Secure a relationship with a leading cryptocurrency organization
  • Finalize marketing material and strategy
  • Listed in major leading cryptocurrency exchanger and platforms


May 2022

  • Begin to explore and planning our own blockchain AZ-20 and AZ-10
  • Begin to collecting materials for our other token in the pipeline.


June 2022 onwards

  • AZNT will help building the nation and across the globe for financial changes
  • AZNT Will provide Financial freedom, ECONOMIC revolution and DECENT LIFE